Define your Style

Fashion happens so fast that´s so easy to get lost in translation. Just following trends is not good enough, as Chanel used to say “Fashion comes and goes, but style lasts forever”

The thing you need to define is your STYLE, a birthmark that you keep so that anyone that sees you will indeed recognize your peculiarities. It´s not an easy task for some, it comes naturally with others.

Me, as a common person, most of the time I need some tricks to stay in the line and develop my own personal style. Here I make a list of some tricks and recomendations that you can follow up too:

1.- Stay tuned

You need to know what´s in store or do some window shopping, from time to time check out a fashion magazine or go to your favourite instagram blogger.

It´s important to know what´s new, you don´t have to like everything… here is where you start discovering your tastes. Remember. YOU DON´ T HAVE TO LIKE EVERYTHING, FIND WHAT YOU LIKE.

2.- What fits you

Have you gone to a party and everyone told you how pretty you look? RING RING!

Pay attention to your reflexion at the mirror.. ¿What part of this outfit is making me look good?

There are several things that you must take into account:

* Color (tone, the top is dark or ligth? the bottom is dark or ligth?)

* Shape of the cleavage

* Length of the bust or shirt (imperial? waist? hips?)

* Sleeves and shoulders (long? short? v neck?)

* Length of the bottom: skirt/pants/dress

* Shape of the skirt/pants/dress

Sounds like a hasel, but you need to identify your body type and what looks good for it. You can google it if you wanna go deeper in body types.

But you have to practice or just pay attention everyday and spot those clothes that are a No Noand the ones that are a total Yes!

3.- Dress to express

You are a happy go lucky person? You wanna be acknowledged as a woman with a strong fashion drive? You want people to compliment you?

We all dress to get something in return, most of us do care of what people think and if you are reading this it means you wanna make an statement. Also, consciously or unconsciously we want people to get a hint of our personality just by looking at us.

What do you think about yourself?

What do you want others to think about you?

What are you gonna sacrifice for it? confort? money? time?

You wanna look feminine? strong? relaxed? sexy?

Do you have strong beliefs? religion?

4.- Set boundaries

Ok, you like lots of stuff… but putting limits is also a good and easy way of defining your style.

Think of the clothing you:

 * don´t feel comfortable in

* don´t look good in

* don´t like

5.- Be creative

Each one of us think differently,  that´s our trademark. Always put something of you in the way you dress.

Remember there are lots of ways to be creative:

* color matching

* accesorie play

* Layering

* Looking for many ways of wearing the same piece.

** For example. Me? no way I´m gonna sacrifice comfort, but I can spend a little more on quality shoes or search longer for the best outfit. I want others to think I´m fashionable, but not a die hard fashionista. I work in the fashion business so I try creative looks with a romantic, casual and ethnic style, but I don´t wanna be mistaken as a Coachella girl all year long so I also mix it up with many basic clothes.

Getting to know yourself is an important part of growing up, the way you dress must give you a positive feeling. Don´t dress like you´re someone else, be you.

When you do this you will show your personality, your lifestyle.. this is your style!

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